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I’m going to be a dad

There’s going to be a little guy coming home with us from the hospital in that car seat my mom bought for us. He’s going to wear these cute little clothes we have for him. He’s going to wear socks. He’s going to have a tiny little mouth that he’s going to open up and use to make all sorts of noises. He’s going to communicate with us. From the moment he comes out he’s going to figure out how to breathe, and then he’ll begin figuring the world out. I wonder if he’s trying to figure it all out now. What is he thinking right now, inside the womb, with that developing brain of his? Does he have dreams? What could he possibly be dreaming about? What is it like to hear the loud pulsating of blood running through Michelle’s body every minute of every day? Can he hear me reading in our birthing books at night? Does it freak him out hearing how we’re preparing for his arrival? Does he have any idea what he’s in for?

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