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Hope Anthem

My friend Julian Smith just shot this amazing music video that shot up to the #1 YouTube video spot yesterday. Julian is an amazingly talented guy who also happens to be going out into the freelance world.

I’ve talked with him about how he does this kind of thing, and you wouldn’t believe how complex it is to shoot something like this, with one camera angle, and actually have the “characters” interact with each other. This took 300 hours to shoot and edit. Insane.

Check it out. And yes, that’s all the same dude.

2 thoughts on “Hope Anthem”

  1. very cool….
    on a totally different note – check out Stevie’s 4th of July videos he makes every year – he likes to blow stuff up. I had a cow this past year when (after the fact) he told me he actually put some gasoline in a ziploc bag to get a bigger bang….

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