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Highlights of the art show

• Selling 28 paintings the first night (35 total)
• A young boy spending $50 of his own birthday money on a small painting of Bandit
• Michelle being able to sit with me nearly the entire time despite her very pregnant condition
• A woman from Pulaski driving all the way up to the show just to see me … she bought two paintings and they were her first art purchase ever
• Our friend Meredith who lives in San Francisco completely blowing our minds by dropping by the show
• Michelle wearing the maternity shirt i designed for her :)
• Selling one painting in the dark on Friday afternoon when the power had been knocked out because of the storms
• Trading over $2000 worth of art with other artists at the end of the show … we’ve never done anything like that before
• Having Lari White stop by with her kids and tell me how much she loved my work 
• Our friend Becca from Shimai showing up out of the blue when we were about to try and fit an impossible load into our Beetle. She was able to help take our booth home. 

It was a great show. We met lots of wonderful people, including a bunch of the artists at the show.
I was a bit of a grump after the show was over because I was really sad it was ending. (Sorry Michelle)
And the whole time I kept thinking that the little guy is going to be nearly a year old when the show comes around again, and that’s just awesome. 

My Harding Booth from a child’s Point of View 

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  1. Congrats on your success at the show!! We’re sooooo proud to have brought little “Clark Kent” Bandit home. We’re currently planning his place on the wall in relation to where we’ll hang the next Grayum addition to our collection.

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