1 thought on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. How beautiful!

    I think my very sweetest, most precious memories are of the first night with Clark in the hospital. I couldn’t bring myself to put him in the bassinet they provided, so he spent the night cuddled up next to me, nursing. Even though I was exhausted from hours of labor, I woke up constantly to look at him, readjust, marvel, adore. Tiny things like him throwing a hand onto my chest just killed me. His skin was so soft. I used one fingertip to stroke his little face over and over, amazed at how it felt.

    It is incredible to get to spend the rest of your life loving your child, but what really gets me is that he loves me back. That open, whole-hearted, easy love is beyond words.

    I’m so thrilled for you guys :) I was thinking about you this morning too! Maybe we’ll bump into each other at church.

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