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Happy day

So the evening before last, I took the dogs out as usual, and I had a vision. It was a very clear and unmistakable vision. It just popped into my head. And yesterday, just as I thought, it came true.

Michelle and I are trying to spend our Sundays working on the nursery. Right now it’s basically a storage unit crammed into our spare bedroom (formerly my painting studio). But one day in the near future, it will be a nursery. Yesterday Michelle was salvaging a bookcase I wanted to throw away, and she gave it a fresh coat of paint and it looks absolutely beautiful. While she was doing that, I was sorting and sifting and throwing stuff away in the future-nursery, and I came across a box of CDs that I’ve actually looked in before. At least I’d looked at the top two layers of CDs.

Yesterday I remembered my vision and decided to see what was underneath the second layer of CD cases.

And this is where my vision came true, and 2 1/2 years of searching came to an end.

There it was, just as I had imagined it, the elusive and beloved second half of our DVD collection.

I’m serious, I was ecstatic. Two-and-a-half years ago after Creative Access closed its doors, and Michelle was out of a job, we decided to sell our house in Sylvan Park and downsize ourselves into a small condo here in Bellevue. In our minds, we were packing up our things (like DVDs) and putting them in storage for a month or two, max. Over two years later, we still had our storage unit. I’ve looked in the unit many times for these DVDs, never finding them because I didn’t properly mark the outside of the box. Then, a couple months ago when we found out my job was being dwindled away, we decided to stop paying $100/month for storage, and moved half the stuff into our future-nursery, and the other half into Michelle’s mom’s basement.

I’d developed a slight obsession in finding these movies, and it was incredibly frustrating to know they were out there somewhere, but we couldn’t have them. They became my whale. And yesterday, I caught it.

You see, Michelle and I love watching movies together, and this particular half of our movie collection had movies that are very meaningful to us. They are certainly some of my favorite movies in the world, and to know I owned them, but couldn’t watch them, it was actually a lot more affecting than I would have thought.

Movies like Punch Drunk Love, Magnolia, American Beauty, Shawshank Redemption, Eternal Sunshine, and I Am Sam. I’ve actually survived this long without seeing any of those movies. Hard to believe.

Never again.

Futureson: Put your toys away after you’re done playing with them, otherwise they could come alive and go on crazy adventures and never come back. And then where would you be?

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  1. It’s like Christmas isn’t it? We have an entire garage of ‘those boxes’. Every time we have a chance to go thru one, it’s always exciting. Each time we moved before buying our house, we unpacked fewer boxes – “just leave those packed, we’re gonna buy a house one day”! We did learn that boxes with candles in them should NOT go in the attic….

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