Funny spam

I’m sure all blogs get lots of spam … I got this today from somewhere in amsterdam, and I think it’s my favorite so far:

“Please stop saying stupid things! After reading your posts I want to laugh! You are trying to act and talk like an experienced person, but it does not work in your case. You can’t imagine how funny you look. I didn’t want to say anything bad but words just came out of my mouth! You must be crazy!”

Geez, at least I hope it’s spam :)

  • RachaelAnne said:

    "I didn't want to say anything bad but words just came out of my mouth!"

    That cracks me up. You could do a whole note to Futureson just about that...

  • clay g said:

    Keep up the stupid things! This blog will be fun to read when your retired. What losers...

  • Mark said:

    Don't listen to them - they're from Amsterdam. I mean, come on, right? Amsterdam? They're just a bunch of Calvinists ...

  • Jared said:

    Amsterdam? That's crazy. That's hedonistic Calvinists ON WEED crazy.

    Hey, maybe it's spam for some kind of marijuana for Calvinists. Forward me that email, why dontcha?

  • mk burt said:

    "After reading your posts I want to laugh"

    What a great compliment! You should send them a nice southern thank you email.

  • michelle said:

    It may just be because I'm pregnant... but this guy really ticks me off. For one thing, if he's so much cooler and "un-funny" looking himself, what's Mr. Special doing wasting his way-too-precious time reading your silly business anyway?? And how would he know what experience you do or don't have? What a jerk.

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