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Funny spam

I’m sure all blogs get lots of spam … I got this today from somewhere in amsterdam, and I think it’s my favorite so far:

“Please stop saying stupid things! After reading your posts I want to laugh! You are trying to act and talk like an experienced person, but it does not work in your case. You can’t imagine how funny you look. I didn’t want to say anything bad but words just came out of my mouth! You must be crazy!”

Geez, at least I hope it’s spam :)

6 thoughts on “Funny spam”

  1. “I didn’t want to say anything bad but words just came out of my mouth!”

    That cracks me up. You could do a whole note to Futureson just about that…

  2. Don’t listen to them – they’re from Amsterdam. I mean, come on, right? Amsterdam? They’re just a bunch of Calvinists …

  3. Amsterdam? That’s crazy. That’s hedonistic Calvinists ON WEED crazy.

    Hey, maybe it’s spam for some kind of marijuana for Calvinists. Forward me that email, why dontcha?

  4. It may just be because I’m pregnant… but this guy really ticks me off. For one thing, if he’s so much cooler and “un-funny” looking himself, what’s Mr. Special doing wasting his way-too-precious time reading your silly business anyway?? And how would he know what experience you do or don’t have? What a jerk.

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