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Father’s Day

Yeah, so we went and had a baby last Tuesday. Today is the first day I’ve plugged back into computerworld, if only for a brief moment. I’ll be off work for the next couple weeks while I’m at home with Michelle and the baby figuring all this stuff out.

The details:
• Michelle went into labor at 10pm Sunday night. We checked into the hospital at 2pm Monday afternoon. He was born at 1:24pm on Tuesday.

• If you’re counting, that’s an astounding 40 hours of labor (I went ahead and rounded up, she freaking earned it). And not just your run of the mill labor. We’re talking back labor. Excruciating back labor. The first 33.5 hours were all natural. I am so proud of Michelle for enduring far longer than most other people would dare. She is absolutely amazing. And when she did get the epidural at 7:30 Tuesday morning (June 10th), the anesthesia doctors were amazing as well.

• He was 19 1/4 inches long and weighed 6lbs 2.5oz. After babies are born, they lose some weight. So he actually weighs 5lbs 12 ½ oz. Which means he needs preemie-sized clothes. Which means nothing fits him yet. And it also means he is extra adorable.

• We came home Friday the 13th in the afternoon with a healthy baby boy.

And today happens to be Father’s Day. How’s that for dramatic timing? I woke up this morning after a couple hours of actual sleep (we haven’t slept for more than a couple hours a night since last Saturday) and I felt energized and went over to pick him up, wrapped him in a blanket and brought him back to bed with me. He feels incredible when I wrap him in my arms. I feel like we are finally a family. Michelle is my hero after all of this. She is absolutely breathtaking. I love her now more than ever, and she has certainly given me the best father’s day gift ever, and he is sleeping peacefully in his Boppy swing as I type this.

I have much more to say and much more to write. But for now, I just want to say that it’s true that nobody can really describe what it feels like to hold your baby for the first time, to bring him home, to kiss on him, to look at my wife with new and refreshed eyes. I am completely in love with Michelle.

Oh, and the name? He has a name, right?

Let me please introduce to you Sebastian Jude Grayum. You will hear lots and lots more about him in the future :)

Sebo Stars

8 thoughts on “Father’s Day”

  1. Happy Father’s Day Aaron! You ALL did a beautiful and amazing work. Michelle was amazingly strong and had a VERY hard labor. She is what we in the birth community call a Birth Warrior. She met each challenge and rose above it a conqueror. Aaron, you were a supportive rock – a sweet and gentle companion throughout. And Sebastian? Dude, you are freakin’ CUTE! You handled labor like a champ and are such a strong little man already! Congrats family Grayum. I will be writing about you all later this week.

  2. Happy Father’s Day, buddy. I’m so happy for you guys. It is truly the greatest thing in the world!

  3. This is fantastic. You both are great. Congratulations! My sister had a baby boy on Friday. Maybe one day they could hang out. haha

  4. Hey Aaron + Michelle! Congratulations to you both! And welcome to the new little guy! I am glad that I got to see you both for a few minutes the other day PRE-Sebastian. You know, I am excited because someday I can tell this little kid how I knew his crazy parents before they were married….of course, we’ll all be old then. LOL. So, the million dollar question is…does he have any hair? and if he does, is it curly? ~~~

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