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Early morning

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It’s 5 a.m. on June 2nd. I’ve been up for about an hour, but Michelle’s had a really rough night all night. I helped her get a bath going and so I’m hoping that alleviates some of her pain. I wonder if she’s dilated at all yet? She feels absolutely awful. We don’t know if she’s having contractions, unless it’s just one loooong contraction that doesn’t really end. What would the doc say if had I called and said she’d been having contractions, and they were lasting for 6 hours at a time? She aches and has terrible heartburn. Her back hurts. Her stomach hurts. I’m trying to be somewhat of a gentleman, so I won’t mention everything that’s been happening to her. We ate too much, too late last night, and that has wreaked havoc on her pregnant body before. Is this labor? Or is it some really bad fried chicken?

I can’t possibly knows what it feels like to have a living person doing somersaults and roundhouse kicks inside me all night. For months. I wish I could know how that feels. Or to know that I am the entire lifeblood of my child. I know it has to feel amazing at the same time that it feels painful.

I hear the guy downstairs. It’s only 5 and he’s been up for awhile now, banging stuff around and sliding doors. I wonder if we woke him up or if he just couldn’t sleep.

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