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Early morning continued

It’s a quarter to six. Michelle had her bath and I was finally able to get her back into bed. I had come in to check on her while she was still in our tub (in a future house, we are demanding a bathtub that wasn’t designed for carnival folk) and her belly was feeling a bit better, but everything else on her body hurt like hell. If you’re more than 4 feet tall, you have to contort your body like a magician’s assistant to fit inside our tub, and then if you’re also trying to submerge your pregnant belly underwater, then you practically have to break bones. So I helped her out of the tub and then we got to share a very heartfelt moment together, one that I hope every pregnant couple gets to be a part of … it’s the lovely experience of pink projectile KFC, all over the bathroom. It was very special. And it was everywhere. And not just once, either. It happened again. And again. I feel bad for her, after getting out of the bathtub you’re supposed to feel better! For some reason it didn’t gross me out in the least (as it usually does) … I guess it’s time I get used to gross things?

Now that she’s back in bed and the sun is already out and I don’t think the baby is poking his head out quite yet, I’m going to go wash the rug and her robe and the floor and the wall and the tub now.

KFC was a bad choice.

6 thoughts on “Early morning continued”

  1. Awww… I feel for her, and what a wonderful hubs she has! And, you’re right, it is HIGH time that you don’t get ‘grossed’ anymore. You have wee bairn coming soon!

  2. KFC = MSG = toxic to all nerves, i.e. sends body into chaos. bad bad stuff.
    The are the worst fast food offenders with MSG….
    my gosh, I hope she feels better, lots of water to flush out the yuck.

  3. At least you didn’t start throwing up too. Remember that scene in “Stand By Me” where there’s a pie-eating contest, and one guy throws up, which makes another guy throw up, and pretty soon everyone in the crowd is throwing up on each other? You probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyways, Michelle probably shouldn’t watch that movie right now …

  4. And for the record, we NEVER eat KFC … the other night was probably the 2nd or 3rd time ever … just sounded good for some reason. But that was the end of that.

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