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So today is the official due date. And so far, there’s no baby living at the Grayum residence. But you know and I know that this could change at any moment. Or at least begin to change. Not like the baby will just fall out. Would be nice if he did, though. For Michelle’s sake. It’s nice and sunny. Think we’ll go to the pool. I can’t wait to find out what his birthday is and whether or not he fits in his newborn outfits.

I just want to say that I love my wife. It’s been a long nine months, and lots of things have happened that never should have happened during a pregnancy. And she has had to put up with me, which I promise you has not been easy. I would do so many things differently if I ever get the chance again. But she has been wonderful. I can’t imagine what it really feel like to feel your body change because a little person is living and breathing inside you, and to have that nagging feeling on your brain for all this time that somehow, someway, and somewhere, he’s got to come out. She has been so graceful. She’s done a lot better at this than I have. She’s going to do great in labor and childbirth, and she’s going to be an amazing mother.

Today is like an anniversary. It’s certainly been a date that’s been heavy on our minds for so long. (My hope all along is that he was born tomorrow, making his birthday 06/07/08, which would just be cool. shake n’ bake.) So we’ll see what happens over the next days and weeks … at least we know that one way or another, when the fireworks are going off for July 4th, we’re gonna have a little baby in our house.

4 thoughts on “Due”

  1. You’re both going to be amazing parents!! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a 06/07/08 delivery and that he just slides right out first push to the waiting hands of the Doc. Enjoy the pool!!

  2. have you seen the movie Alien? it feels kinda like that! LOL!
    and did your doula tell you that if you have sex it might spark those contractions into happenin’??? he he…..
    kissing might too, you may want to start there now that I think about it….not that I’m thinking about you 2 doing it, ok I’ll stop now…..you get the point!

  3. The husband doula says: eat spicy Thai food, go for long walks, and have sex (but not all at the same time). Do these three things and baby will be along in no time. :)

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