4 thoughts on “Due”

  1. You’re both going to be amazing parents!! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a 06/07/08 delivery and that he just slides right out first push to the waiting hands of the Doc. Enjoy the pool!!

  2. have you seen the movie Alien? it feels kinda like that! LOL!
    and did your doula tell you that if you have sex it might spark those contractions into happenin’??? he he…..
    kissing might too, you may want to start there now that I think about it….not that I’m thinking about you 2 doing it, ok I’ll stop now…..you get the point!

  3. The husband doula says: eat spicy Thai food, go for long walks, and have sex (but not all at the same time). Do these three things and baby will be along in no time. :)

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