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Yesterday we took him to the doctor to have him weighed. He weighed in at 8lb. 13oz. Which unfortunately is 2oz. LESS than he weighed 11 days earlier. So we talked to the doc about it, and he said that Sebastian is very strong and healthy, but he’s just not getting enough calories to continue gaining weight like he should. Which was very disheartening. So after weeks of trying to wean him off formula, and having successfully taken him down from 60mL supplement per feeding to only 20mL, thinking we might be breastfeeding exclusively within a couple more weeks, we are needing to take him back up to a 60mL supplement immediately, which is back where we started. So even though of course we want whatever is best for him, last night we were pretty bummed. Michelle has been trying so freaking hard over the last 8 weeks to do what we both thought was best for him. She’s held out through some pretty tough obstacles, way longer than most people would. And so I think we are quickly nearing the point where some major breastfeeding/formula decisions are going to need to be made.

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