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Couvade syndrome

So I think I must have this. Michelle sent me a weekly email she gets and it says to share with the dad-to-be in her life. So today it talked about Couvade syndrome, a condition where the husband experiences pregnancy-like symptoms. I’ve noticed in the past month that I’ve been strangely having strong cravings, but at the same time never really getting hungry. I’ve been craving hot wings and bleu cheese. Not that I don’t normally crave this food-of-the-Gods, but it’s more intense now. And I have definitely been having trouble sleeping and just can’t seem to get comfortable in the bed, like staying in the same position for more than a few minutes makes me feel like I have to scream. But I don’t scream. I just turn. Then toss. Then turn again. And my feet hurt, so it’s hard for me to stand in one place for too long.

The email says to rationalize the cause … I think mine is sympathy (i wish i could know some of her pain) and anxiety (i’m stressed about becoming a father … but not in a horrible way, it’s just a huge life-change … good stress is still stress). Jealousy is also a suggested rationale, but I’m not jealous. At all. She gets most of the attention pregnancy-wise, but that’s cool with me and the way it should be. She’s got my son in her belly, there should be a red carpet under her feet wherever she goes (note to self: look at prices on red carpet).

The most interesting cause that the email lists is that men (and other males of the animal kingdom) experience surges in female hormones when their mates are pregnant, as well as right after delivery – which could be nature’s way of bring out my nurturing side. So at a time when I’m gearing up to be the man of the house, I’m actually more of a woman right now than I have ever been in my life.



Speaking of sympathy pains … a long time ago in what feels like another life, back in college, it was my first year of getting to know Michelle as a friend. And one night I had a dream that I was pregnant with her baby. I was carrying it and experiencing the sickness and aching for her, so that she wouldn’t have to.

And I have to say it was a little weird because she was married to someone else at the time. And yet here we are, something like 10-11 years later, and she’s carrying my baby.

I think dreams are amazing. Michelle had a dream about me when she was a girl. I can’t remember it as well as she can, so I’ll have to ask her to tell it to me again. There have been so many things in our lives that are just to amazing to deny that we were meant to be together, through MANY twists and turns.

And here I am, ending this post in a completely different way than it began.

That’s another sympathy pain … I’m getting sporadic pregnancy-brain. I can’t remember anything or speak in a complete sentence anymore. I think that’s the cause of the recent lack of posts, more than lack of time. I just can’t think in a straight line anymore.

Straight lines are overrated anyway.

Take the curve. Now THAT’s a line.

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  1. I have something you should try, You can do this laying down or sitting in a comfy chair…

    Close your eyes and focus on the middle of your nose. Don’t think about anything. Stop your thoughts and focus on your breathing. Notice how long it takes you to exhale from one breath to the next. Once you’ve looked at the back of your eyelids and focused on your nose and breathing (don’t think “nose, nose, nose”) you should be able to make our shapes and colors in the darkness. Call me crazy, I find this very relaxing. You may even feel tingly in your legs and down your spine. You’ve just meditated and become more intune w/ your body. No joke- give it a try. You’ll lower your heart rate and feel relaxed because of this. It costs nothing-

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