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Completely awesome

Sebo slept from 8 until 3am … which is a full seven hours! It’s the second time he’s ever done that. Then after a brief feeding he didn’t wake up again until 6. Which is typically when he’d be up for the day, but I fed him and fell asleep holding him in the glider and he didn’t wake up again until 8.

While we were sleeping in the glider, I had a dream that he was a twin. In my dream, I was holding him there in the glider, and Michelle was holding his twin brother. I thought it was crazy that his brother was wiggling and he would wiggle in unison. Then his brother wiggled again, almost like he was jerking around or vibrating, and my Sebo would be doing the exact same thing. Which woke me up in real life because I could feel that he actually was vibrating in real life, and I jerked my head down to see what was wrong and I got to see him, for the first time, laughing in his sleep. I felt tears come to my eyes because the idea that our three month old son was dreaming about something that was making him laugh is so unbelievably amazing and incredible to me that I just couldn’t stand it.

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