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Chutes and Ladders

Remember the game? If you can call it a game. There’s very little chaos and destruction, hardly any real chance at personal injury, and if my memory serves me, you don’t even get a firearm. Just ladders. And slides (or chutes if you like fancy talk). When I was a kid I loved that game. And Uncle Wiggly. For some reason I really liked those games. I always adored Mouse Trap when I was at a friend’s house, but I never owned it for some sad reason.

Ever since I found out I was going to be a dad, I haven’t been afraid of ladders anymore. I used to be terrified of falling off the ladder. But literally the week I found out, I was faced with the task of painting on top of a ladder, and I just said outloud, “I’m going to be a dad” and went on up. I’ve been getting on ladders ever since, including today. I learned to trust the ladder, and myself. I trust that it won’t fall, it won’t break or tip over. They’re designed to be sturdy. I decided that if I’m going to be a dad, I can’t be afraid of ladders anymore. They don’t mix. I will have many tougher obstacles to face from now on, and a ladder can be a small victory in the process.

Anyone need me to hang anything up high?

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