2 thoughts on “Christmas and babies”

  1. We love how having Clark makes things exciting. It is such a joy to introduce him to things we know he’ll love, and then watch his excitement and wonder. On our last road trip, we stopped at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, and he acted like it was the most important day of his life. He went over every inch of those trains that he could reach, and occasionally had to speed around in circles laughing, he was so thrilled. Whereas without him, Bob and I would have been like, “Oh cool, trains! Where’s the restaurant?” Did I mention it was 9:30 pm, raining, and 40 degrees?

  2. What if your kid was an accountant for some really cool people like, I don’t know, Billy Corgan? That would be pretty sweet.

    I think I know the feeling, though. I want our kid to be exposed to different cultures, different kinds of people, different foods, music, etc. My best friend growing up was Jewish, and I can remember going to his barmitzvah and his older sister’s batmitzvah, and going over to his house during Hanukkah. It may seem small and insignificant, but I do look back on that now and realize how important it was for me to have those types of experiences.

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