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  1. You’re great! Our birthing class was much the same….
    The ice chip thing is a myth – well, the only food the HOSPITAL will give you is ice chips – you can bring whatever you want. & you should be able to bring whatevery you want in the delivery room. Don’t go to the hospital at the first contraction, you’ll be there forever. Wait it out at home where you both are more comfortable & have your amenities. Pack ‘the bag’ early, and put it close to the door so you don’t forget it during “crunch time”.
    And yes, the memory of your child’s birth will be with you as vivid as can be for the rest of yours & Michelle’s life. I did natural child birth so I wouldn’t miss anything & would recommend it to anyone – screw the epidural. The human body is amazing that it knows what to do and when.
    And also, you are a rare breed – most men are not like you – fortunately I married a ‘rare breed’ also. Michelle is lucky to have such a thoughtful husband – I know I’ve said this so many times before, but you guys will be great parents! You need to hear that, just like Sebo needs to hear that he’s a good boy! =] mk

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