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Because it needs to be said.

Sometime around June 6th of this year, I will be having a son.
I already love him, before I’ve even met him.
Once I meet him, my love for him will only increase. Exponentially.
This will be a completely unconditional love. (Unconditional means “without conditions.”) So that means there will be no rules my son has to play by in order to get his dad’s love.
He will never be able to do anything to earn it and he will never be able to do anything to lose it.
He is a gift, plain and simple, and he will owe me absolutely nothing. Ever.

I cannot stress that enough.

I have been given a beautiful wife and a son. I have been given a family. And my role in this family, as the husband and father, is one that has consistently been abused by men for centuries. I believe very strongly that my role in this family is one of servant leadership. Yes, I do believe I am in the leadership role in my home, a role that I admit to not filling very consistently in 6 years of marriage. But that has to change. The greatest way to lead is by serving the ones you have been sent to lead. Not by ordering them to do my bidding, not by keeping them isolated and silent. Not by condemning them or teaching them to walk on eggshells.

A good leader listens to his family, loves them with all his heart, puts their needs above his own, and is willing to lay down his life for them. This is the husband and father I will strive to be.

Note to my future son: Your mother and I will love you unconditionally, undeniably, and without restraint. You are a precious gift and we will forever be grateful.

Note (no. 2) to my future son: Despite what you may hear or see or read, pay attention to the following words very carefully: The world is NOT out to get you. Most people I have ever met are friendly, kind, genuine, and would love to tell you about their day if you just take the time to ask them.

3 thoughts on “Because it needs to be said.”

  1. I literally have crocodile tears streaming down my face. I need a bib! Aaron, you have no idea how incredibly much what you’ve written today means to me. Seriously. No idea.

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