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We went to the Baptism of Lucas this morning (Mark and Di’s 2-month old son) … it was really nice. I was surprised at all the family and friends that were there to witness this very meaningful moment in their lives. I got to be videographer (with a borrowed camera) for the Baptism and the whole time I was just thinking, man, I hope this is actually recording … I’m pretty sure it did. I think. Afterward we all went out to lunch in Green Hills, and it was just all so nice, it felt like we were part of a family beyond the one we grew up with. In some ways I’ve always been confused and turned off at the idea that family can only include blood relatives or the in-laws. Or the step-people. And in other ways I felt let down when I grew up around much of my step-family instead of my “real” family … I guess that confusion over what makes “family” is a consequence of growing up in a home where we had three last names on our mailbox.

In the future, I want Michelle and I to decide who is in our family. We have some very close friends who I feel are part of our family. We have lots of them, actually, and the lines between blood and not blood get blurred. Bloodlines are important and I’m increasingly interested in my Italian heritage lately. But I don’t want to divide out family and non-family based only on who your mamma is. I want it to be about relationships.

All this to say that I was able to feel like I was part of the McCormack family today, and it was really great. They’ve always treated us like family. I want little Futureson to grow up with that same sort of feeling, that he is loved and cared for by lots and lots and LOTS of different people.

I’ll probably give the kid a complex, in fact. He’ll become a megalomaniac and believe all the hype. He’ll start telling me what to do and beat me in basketball by the age of 5.

I create monsters, people. Monsters I say.

2 thoughts on “Baptism”

  1. Luke’s already beaten me in basketball, and chess too. I still can’t figure out when or where he learned how to say, “Check mate, sucka!”

    I’m glad you guys had a good time and felt like part of the family – which you most certainly are. :)

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