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… and six months after.

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. When I had the idea of beginning a blog about becoming a dad, my original thought was to begin it exactly 6 months prior to baby’s due date, and write at least through his 6 month birthday. His due date was June 6th, and his actual 6 month birthday is in four days, on the 10th. Geez, so much has happened in the past year, it’s hard to even know what to write as an “anniversary” post.

I pretty much summed up what I’d hoped this blog to be in the first post. I wanted a journal of the journey. I feel like I am just beginning to really get to know my own dad, and I want my son to know me inside and out from the beginning. I’m a big fan of finding out the origin of things. My favorite comic books are always the ones when the average guy first becomes the superhero. I’m always interested in the context, the reasonings, the cause behind the thing. And I hope that through some of my writings that my children, my wife, my friends and family, and just anyone interested might get to know me a little better.

Overall, I think I have done an average job at doing that through this medium. I think I started off strong and then I’ve steadily kind of “closed up” and haven’t really expressed my thoughts and feelings as honestly as I had intended. And that’s what I want to change. I have no intentions of stopping this blog, at least not now. I do intend to share more and put myself out there more, not just because I want to be “out there” but because I want my son to know who his dad really is, and that even though I’m not always who I’m cracked up to be, I will still love him no matter what.

1. I want to express more of my own thoughts and emotions, honestly, brutally, in this format.
2. I also want to go back and try to recall and document more of what happened around finding out we were pregnant and the birth itself, and all of the amazing little events that happen daily with baby.
3. And I hope you like art. Or can at least live with it. Because I do want to talk art more, show more of my art, and promote myself. Because it’s a huge part of who I am. In a lot of ways, it’s more of a self portrait than anything else is.

This blog:
— uses a modified Word Press template called Mental Disorder.
— uses an outdated version of WordPress because I’m afraid of losing everything by updating it.
— averages about 25-30 readers per day.
— had it’s highest viewing day of 91 people on May 5th, 2008. This was the Monday after the harding Art Show, so I’m guessing a bunch of people were checking me out.
— had it’s highest viewed month ever in June when he was born.

So I hope I can stand good on my promise to write more (and BETTER posts … if I want to just write something quick and stupid, I’ll do that on Twitter).

I can’t believe he’s about to be 6 months old. Time is flying by and I hear it doesn’t slow down. I’ve got to do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t get away from me. Maybe this blog will continue to give me a place to be accountable for that time and to reflect on what it all means.

— Aaron

3 thoughts on “… and six months after.”

  1. Time flies during that first year of life. Document it, you have the right camera for that! We’re missing a month when D was a baby when Stevie’s old film camera broke….we’ll never get that month back. So take lots of pictures & keep up the good work on this blog!

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