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An update for reals

Great news (finally)! They have decided to amend the insurance policy at my job to allow part-timers access to health benefits! This move will grandfather me in, since I’ve been here full-time for over three years. I don’t know yet what the cost will be, but for the moment I don’t really care. Michelle and I are ecstatic. This is some of the best news we could have hoped to get. The past few weeks have been excruciating, not knowing how in the world I was going to be able to get insurance. I’ve been in a holding pattern, not knowing if I need to go find another job, or if I can start concentrating on my freelance business. This way Michelle and I get to keep the policies we have as long as I continue working here, so now that I know this, I will set my sights forward and make the freelance stuff happen for real.


Now that this blog is nearly a month old, maybe I can go back to actually writing about daddy stuff like I intended.

2 thoughts on “An update for reals”

  1. I can’t tell you how happy this blog made me! It’s great to finally SEE how God is working things out for you two…I mean THREE!

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