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4-month visit

Sebastian had his 4-month visit yesterday at the pediatrician’s office … and he got RAVE reviews from the doc :) She said he was very advanced and was a little show-off, pushing himself up, rolling over onto his side, and trying to eat her stethoscope. And she commented on how happy he was because I think she heard him cracking up when she was in the other room while I was blowing raspberries on his belly. Sometime within the next month we are going to start introducing some solid foods to him. Pretty sure that’s when the diapers start to get BAD.

And then he got his second round of vaccine shots. It was so heartbreaking to see him go from being so happy to crying because of the needles. Then he seemed to do okay for the afternoon, and then in the middle of the night he was burning up with a 102.8° fever. When we called the triage nurse in the middle of the night, she assured us that it was okay to have this high of a fever after his shots, but that if it doesn’t get under control after three days, then we should take him in. We gave him baby tylenol and changed his clothes into something a little lighter and over the course of the next two hours, his fever was down to 100.9° … today he just feels completely crappy. And he just sneezed this adorable little sneeze. I hate it when he feels bad. Especially when I have a ton of work to get done, which puts most of the work taking care of him onto Michelle. I just want to be able to spend the day holding him and helping him feel better, but his mommy is doing a pretty good job at that, even though she didn’t get much sleep last night, either.

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  1. we learned to give the Tylenol about an hour before the vaccinations, D always got sick as a dog after getting them, fever for 24 hours then clammy, crappy feeling….sadly they are a necessary evil…
    On the plus side, chicken pox recently went around at day care & D didn’t get it…

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