3 thoughts on “3am”

  1. is he screaming from diaper rash? try using just a wet soft washcloth instead of wipes. sometimes the wipes irratate them when they’re fresh outta the oven.
    If Michelle’s drinking or eating a lot of citrus fruit, it will irritate his ‘diaper area’ from the citric acid, too. call me if I can be of assistance!

  2. Well, this morning I have changed his diaper twice without so much as a peep from him … both times I left his blanket underneath him instead of removing it. It takes more care not to get it dirty, but I could be on to something. More experimentation is needed :) Thanks for the great advice … he doesn’t have a rash at all … yet! We have been eating a bunch of fruit though.

  3. You are soooo funny! I love reading your thoughts…great makings for a book.

    Love and best wishes, this michele

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