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So it’s 3am and I was changing his dirty diaper and he’s screaming his head off the whole time, telling the neighbors what awful things I’m doing to him. And I’m like, dude, it’s 3am and I’m trying to help you out. I should be the one screaming. I could have just let you soak in your own filth until morning … but you don’t listen. Just scream like the banshee.

3 thoughts on “3am”

  1. is he screaming from diaper rash? try using just a wet soft washcloth instead of wipes. sometimes the wipes irratate them when they’re fresh outta the oven.
    If Michelle’s drinking or eating a lot of citrus fruit, it will irritate his ‘diaper area’ from the citric acid, too. call me if I can be of assistance!

  2. Well, this morning I have changed his diaper twice without so much as a peep from him … both times I left his blanket underneath him instead of removing it. It takes more care not to get it dirty, but I could be on to something. More experimentation is needed :) Thanks for the great advice … he doesn’t have a rash at all … yet! We have been eating a bunch of fruit though.

  3. You are soooo funny! I love reading your thoughts…great makings for a book.

    Love and best wishes, this michele

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