20 weeks

Today Sebastian is 20 weeks old. 20 weeks is also 1/2 of the time he was inside his mom’s belly, and 20 weeks is typically the point during the pregnancy in which you find out the gender of the baby. He’s grown a lot in 20 weeks. How many times can I say 20 weeks in this post? One more time (20 weeks). I took this photo of him this morning. He’s wearing a 100% Pima Cotton, Peruvian-made ensemble by Feather Baby. The outfit was purchased at Popo in Green Hills by his Aunt Pat last Easter.


Sebastian 20 weeks

  • Jared said:

    He is already fronting an indie rock band, correct?

  • Mark said:

    Look at that handsome boy!! I love the ensemble!

  • pete grayum said:

    What a good looking boy! Of course I'm proud of him .. I'm his grandpa.

  • mk burt said:

    great lighting! Can i send him a Fedora to go with that killer outfit?

  • aaron said:

    A fedora would be AWESOME!!!!!

  • Mer said:

    He needs a fedora and a cigar! He's so money.

  • David C. Wright said:

    A great looking young man ..He's my Grandson too...Well done Aaron and my Michelle..cheers...Love To all..

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