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Who needs sleep?

I never thought I could actually function on so little sleep. I haven’t counted how much I’ve been getting, but it probably ranges from 2-5 hours per night. I’m actually amazed that I can type, and for the moment I’m not really that sleepy. We took a 30-minute nap a little while ago to re-energize, and it actually worked. How come Sebastian gets to sleep like 20 hours a day and somehow I can’t manage to sneak in more than a fraction of that? Something’s not adding up.

Things that happened for the first time today:

1) He had his first milk moustache after breastfeeding. I didn’t know something that funny could actually happen in real life.
2) The dogs came home today and met him for the first time. They are doing remarkably well. They love babies but are usually total spazzes around them. They were pretty over the top at first, but they’ve calmed down rather nicely. We’re trying to set boundaries, dog whisperer style.
3) He peed on me. I’m surprised it took this long.

He turned a week old today. I can’t believe that much time has passed. Took him to the pediatrician for the first time yesterday morning and that was pretty nerve-racking, not that anything was wrong, it’s just the first time since bringing him home from the hospital that we’ve taken him anywhere. That carseat is a lot harder to put in when there’s a baby in it! But he’s the picture of health it seems, the doc said he’s doing great. He’s back UP to six pounds. He’s so freaking little! He’s smiling some, which is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. And Michelle pointed out he’s got these cute little smile-lines around his mouth. I think that’s because he smiled a lot in the womb. I think he was telling himself jokes in the amniotic fluid and he found out he’s actually quite hilarious.

And he has these wonderfully long fingers, attached to these beautifully large hands. My friend Mark and I were talking about different professions where these long fingers could come in handy. I’ve added in a few of my own.
• Piano player (duh)
• Rock guitar player for the Smashing Pumpkins too-old-to-reunite-but-it-pays-well tour of 2029
• Shadow puppeteer
• Professional elevator operator
• Wind-tester
• Hand model
• One of those sign-language guys at the theater

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