Nashville-based artist Aaron Grayum received his BFA from Middle Tennessee State University. His work has been published in The New England Review, Bartleby Snopes, and The Saturday Evening Post, as well as featured on the television show Nashville. Aaron was recently awarded the Periscope “Pitch Perfect” grant by the Nashville Arts and Business Council.

I create art inspired by drawings I made when I was a kid. Through images that are both playful and memorable – like birds, umbrellas, and jelly bean trees – my art speaks a language familiar to both children and adults. Words and poetry are integral to many of my paintings, allowing me to explore the tension between the playful innocence of childhood and the vulnerable truths of a world that doesn’t always understand. In fact, the main reason I make the kind of art that I make is that it’s ultimately a way for me to reach people who feel unseen. To not only help them reconnect to their inner child, but to show them that they matter and are not alone.

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Aaron Grayum